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1. What are the barriers to access safe and legal abortion care?

What are the hurdles in accessing non-biased medical reproductive health information? What are the concerns regarding the use of technology by anti-reproductive rights organisations? What foreign organisations have a large anti-reproductive rights presence? Even though abortion is legal in certain cases in Argentina, different types of barriers restrict the access to legal abortions, contribute to insecure practices and impose a stigma on the women that need an abortion and on the health professionals that seek to guarantee the practice [1]. These barriers interact and deepen even more the difficulties experienced in the access to legal abortion services [2]. Since , article 86 of the Argentine Criminal Code establishes 3 exceptions to the criminalisation of abortion: 1 danger to life; 2 danger to health; 3 pregnancy resulting from sexual violence. However, there is a gap between the regulatory framework and the effective implementation of these rights. Despite the legal framework in place and the historic F. As Argentina is a federal country and the health services are regulated per province, the access to legal abortion remains very unequal between provinces. In , progress has been made with the first legal abortion protocol with a ministerial resolution [6] to which nine jurisdictions already adhered [7].

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Human trafficking in Argentina is the illegal trade in persons for purposes of reproductive slavery, sexual exploitation , forced labor , organ removal, or any form of modern slavery. It is an international crime against humanity and violates human rights. It is considered a modern form of slavery. It also encourages countries to cooperate among themselves to achieve these objectives. In Argentina this crime is punishable by law. There are many laws that cover this problem, but the crime continues to occur. An important legal development in this area was the enactment of law number Despite being a serious felony, in Argentina there are no official statistics on this crime, only for cases prosecuted. But it is known that the country is a source, transit and destination for trafficking. A study from showed that trafficking for sexual exploitation is changing to evade the law, by allowing exploited women to keep their identification documents or allowing them to leave the location of exploitation, to make the trafficking more difficult to prove.

The lives of thousands of girls in Argentina are being put at risk as legal abortions are delayed and obstructed by doctors trying to force pregnancies to full term. A practitioner who assisted in the procedure told the Guardian there were thousands of such cases in Argentina.

Instead she had to undergo what is called a hysterotomy abortion, in which the foetus is removed via a small incision in the abdomen, similar to a caesarean section. Rescued by hospital staff, the foetus survived the procedure but is not expected to live. Ousset and her husband are pro-choice private practitioners, called in by the government when the public hospital staff refused to carry out the court-ordered procedure.

Ousset feels they were tricked by a deliberate and ultimately successful ploy by provincial officials to delay the procedure long enough to force the delivery of a live newborn.

According to the latest government figures , 2, live births in were to girls under Many such pregnancies are the result of rape by family members. More than 91, births were to girls aged 15 to The World Health Organization has found that complications in pregnancy and childbirth are the biggest killers of to year-old girls. While no official figures are collected for girls aged under 15, the WHO said mothers aged 10 to 19 face higher risks of eclampsia, puerperal endometritis and systemic infections than women aged 20 to It differs in each province, municipality and even from one hospital to another.

Arguing that at 24 weeks it was too late to perform an abortion, governor Gerardo Morales said the girl could undergo a C-section to keep the foetus alive. The newborn died shortly afterwards. A week later, she was admitted to hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. But what followed was a battle between the health and opinion of the child and her parents, and the stance of the local authorities. Last year he led a street march against legalisation. Manzur denies the charge made by Ousset that she was tricked by provincial officials into delivering a live newborn.

But physically, the child was not developed enough for a vaginal abortion to be performed. She weighed less than 50kg and was suffering from hypertension, one of the common causes of maternal deaths among girls. You have to apply different medications during three days. It is also extremely painful. Abortion remains illegal throughout most of Latin America and the Caribbean. Chile overturned its total ban in But the green scarf of the pro-abortion movement is still worn by those who have not given up the struggle.

Official statistics estimate the number of clandestine abortions at , every year, despite the threat of a four-year jail term. Women who suffer from complications after clandestine abortions are often too scared to seek medical help.

Map A practitioner who assisted in the procedure told the Guardian there were thousands of such cases in Argentina. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Women's rights and gender equality. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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