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Amazing Dubai – one week in unreal world

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Some time ago I was in Dubai with my son and husband. It was absolutely amazing week in a magic and so unreal city. Our journey starts with FlyDubai air company and the plane was great. Despite FlyDubai is lowcost company we like it very much for polite staff, convenient seats and fun screen in front of every seat. My son played games and watched movies so the fly time (four and a half hours) passed very fast.

The only unpleasant thing was that there were no food on the plane.

However we enjoy beautiful landscapes from the window of our plane.

But the funniest episode of that day appeared when we came to our hotel. It was already late in the evening and we went to the restaurant to eat something because we were very hungry (as you remember there was no food during the fly). The temperature outside was about 17-18 Celsius degrees that was very comfortable for us (when we flied from home it was about -5 Celsius degrees ) and we went to open space restaurant but the man who worked there made scared face and told:

Oh no – do not go there – it is so cold outside!!

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