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Talking About Taboos: Depression in Pregnancy

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depression during pregnancy

Post-partum depression is a taboo that many people just aren’t prepared to talk about. Even more taboo is the concept of suffering from depression during your pregnancy. After all, pregnant women are supposed to be happy, serene, glowing. And yet, statistics from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that between 14 and 23 percent of women suffer from some form of depression during pregnancy, despite the fact that many of those women choose not to talk about their feelings or seek help from their doctor. According to Baby Center, up to 80% struggle to cope with the changes to their bodies and their hormonal levels in the 2 weeks after giving birth.

How to Differentiate Between Depression and Hormonal Changes

depression during pregnancyBecause the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy are likely to affect your mood, many women may struggle to differentiate between depression and normal hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. Simply feeling sad or emotional are perfectly normal symptoms of pregnancy, and are not signs of depression. However if those feelings are constant and persist throughout your pregnancy then you may be suffering from depression. According to Pysch Guides, if a pregnant woman is depressed, then the symptoms will last for more than two weeks and prevent the woman from anticipating the joy of bringing a new life into the world. She may also experience other symptoms that are clearly associated with depression such as persistent sadness, feelings of worthlessness or thoughts of suicide. Depressed pregnant women often withdraw from their friends and families and change their lifestyles: so if you used to exercise every day you may find yourself choosing to sit on the sofa eating junk food instead.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy

Conventional thinking is that depression itself can cause health risks to a baby the benefits of treating it are likely to outweigh the risk of taking any medication.   So if you feel you need anti-depressants to cope with your partum depression then the rule of thumb is that your doctor will be very happy to prescribe them. However it might be worth exploring other, more natural ways of dealing with your depression first, before you turn to medication. Pregnancy yoga and exercise classes are said to be very effective mood boosters, as is the talking therapy of speaking to a psychiatrist. A study conducted in 2013 and reported by CBS News found that mom’s depression can be bad for babies’ brains. The study, which was conducted by researchers at the National University of Singapore found that the brains of babies whose moms were depressed during pregnancy develop differently, which very slightly increased  their risk for mood and anxiety disorders later in life. So whether you choose to take medication or look at other mood boosting techniques, it’s important to tackle your depression head on rather than ignoring your thoughts and feelings.

You’re Not Alone

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Planning a Budget-friendly Pregnancy

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Pregnant money

Introducing new life into this wacky world of ours is tricky. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if you are an expectant mother, you are one of approximately four million women in America. Pair pregnancy with inflated prices for common household goods, and your budget can get completely thrown out of sorts. Single parent or not, when expecting, the task of determining what is most important budget-wise is daunting. You want to make sure your newborn is cared for, while still having money left for other expenses. Use the following four tips to minimize costs for basic needs so you can ensure a bright future and balanced budget.

1. Breastfeed

Newborns require specific and appropriate nutrition. That’s why so many new mothers turn to formula. However, formula can be costly, especially when the alternative is free. Also, breastfeeding has been known to reduce the odds of sudden infant death syndrome by 37 percent. Choosing to breastfeed instead of purchase formula can save you anywhere between $1,200-$1,500 total, according to womenshealth.gov. This savings is quite substantial, especially since The Affordable Care Act provides services for breastfeeding equipment coverage without co-pays.

2. Use Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a healthy alternative to disposable diapers. The Real Diaper Association reports disposable diapers contain chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate, which has been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome and associated with severe diaper rash. Not to mention, the environmental waste disposable diapers produce is substantial. Greenchildmagazine.com states 49 million diapers are disposed of each day, each diaper taking between 200-500 years to decompose. Cloth diapers on the other hand, can save you up to $2,000, while also saving the planet.

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Pregnant and Moving? 5 Tips to Survive the Move

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There are some events that some women prefer experience only once or twice in life: moving and pregnancy are two. While both can be planned for, they also happen to occur unexpectedly. And, sometimes, for an unlucky few, they overlap. But what’s a gal to do when her husband’s got a killer job offer while she’s right in the middle of morning-noon-and-night sickness, doing some serious nesting or wondering just how much bigger her belly’s going to get? Realize the universe has other plans, get a few tips and get to work.

Pregnant while moving image by Rob! via Flickr.

Whip Our Your Planner and Notebook

Now’s the time to channel your inner organization freak by being obsessive about making packing lists and all the little check boxes that accompany the move. Stock up on Sharpies, boxes and bubble wrap. Keep a notebook just for moving-related information, such as potential moving dates, people to enlist to help and things to do before and after moving. When everything’s in once place, you’ll feel some control over all the chaos.

Call In The Movers…

Resist the urge to be super-mommy and trying to do the majority of the work by yourself. Hiring a moving company will be well worth the money. An article from The Moving Blog says to be sure to check out the company’s rating with the Department of Transportation, as well as the Better Business Bureau, to make sure you’re working with a good team. Finally, leave the heavy lifting to the guys. After all, that’s what they’re paid to do.

…And Some Reinforcements

Moving a household of two is drastically different than an established family with kids. If you’ve already been through the whole pregnancy thing before (or have a fur baby or two) ask the grandparents to come watch your other kiddos. This will be done preferably off-site so they’re not in the way to slow the grown-ups down.

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Five Tips to Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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Pregnant woman holding fitness dumbbells

For many pregnant women, their famous last words are the well-known excuse, “I’m eating for two.” One of the joys of pregnancy is being able to enjoy an abundance of delicious foods because you need to nourish your growing child and yourself. However, excessive weight gain can lead to pregnancy complications down the line. Plus, no one wants to deal with seeing high numbers on the scale post pregnancy. For a healthy and balanced pregnancy, be mindful of your meal choices and lifestyle starting from the moment you find out you’re expecting.

Make a Meal Plan

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Preparing for Pregnancy

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Preparing for Pregnancy
Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

You have decided to have a baby. My warmest congratulations! Absolutely new period is started from now and it depends only from you if it is happy or not.

Every woman is thinking about a baby time from time and only a few of them are planning a pregnancy. In most cases pregnancy is a big surprise for a pair.

It is really great that you decided to prepare for this important step. So let us start.
Before conceiving a baby you need to do the next:

  • Stop smoking if you do.
    Both you and your partner should stop smoking at least several months before the conception. Smoking is very harmful for your health and it is even more harmful for a baby.
    Smoking makes it harder to conceive because nicotine reduces parents’ fertility. For mother it affects the production of hormones that are necessary for pregnancy. For men it is also extremely important because smoking reduce the amount of sperm, its mobility and even its shape. Continue reading

Get Pregnant Faster with Ovulation Calendar

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Not a few fellows arrive at a decision to make a baby ones. That is quite big moment for them. Some fellows are about to create a life. And it can be a big surprise for pairs that a baby does not come as soon as they stop avoid pregnancy.

Why this could happen with them?

The main point is that female may conceive a baby only for about tree days a month. Just in this period the egg is ready for fructification. There are some few days around the ovulation. Ovulation is a especial moment in feminine ’s menstruation when the egg leaves ovarium and is running to the uterus. Just at this time conception is attainable. Because of this it is extra great to know when exactly the ovulation occurs. Continue reading

Sunbathing during pregnancy for and against

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pregnant sunbathing

pregnant sunbathing

Summer is a time for rest and the best rest is a journey to the seaside. All of us love sunbathing but should we do this during the pregnancy?

Scientist said that it might be very danger to spend a lot of time sunbathing. First of all it is bed for your skin. it is highly important when you are pregnant, because your skin became very sensitive. So if you still want to sunbath you have to be careful. It is better to avoid sun between 11am and 4 pm. During these hours sun is most active.

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Lose weight after pregnancy

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lose pregnancy weight

During your pregnancy many women have got some exter weight. So after giving a birth moms are out of shape and maybe a little too used to just relaxing on the couch. You are also completely consumed by your new baby, every noise, movement you watch and you find it difficult to get into a workout routine, you have no time. Let me give you some easy steps to lose pregnancy weight. Continue reading

How to predict when my labor will start?

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newborn baby

Your body starts preparing for labor up to a month before you give birth. You may be blissfully unaware of what’s going on — or you may begin to notice new symptoms as your due date draws near. Here are some things that may happen in the weeks or days before labor starts:
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