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Five Tips to Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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Pregnant woman holding fitness dumbbells

For many pregnant women, their famous last words are the well-known excuse, “I’m eating for two.” One of the joys of pregnancy is being able to enjoy an abundance of delicious foods because you need to nourish your growing child and yourself. However, excessive weight gain can lead to pregnancy complications down the line. Plus, no one wants to deal with seeing high numbers on the scale post pregnancy. For a healthy and balanced pregnancy, be mindful of your meal choices and lifestyle starting from the moment you find out you’re expecting.

Make a Meal Plan

Planning meals ahead of time eliminates the temptation to make a quick-fix frozen dinner or head to your favorite fast food joint. Continue reading

Lose weight after pregnancy

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lose pregnancy weight

During your pregnancy many women have got some exter weight. So after giving a birth moms are out of shape and maybe a little too used to just relaxing on the couch. You are also completely consumed by your new baby, every noise, movement you watch and you find it difficult to get into a workout routine, you have no time. Let me give you some easy steps to lose pregnancy weight. Continue reading