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Lose weight after pregnancy

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lose pregnancy weight

During your pregnancy many women have got some exter weight. So after giving a birth moms are out of shape and maybe a little too used to just relaxing on the couch. You are also completely consumed by your new baby, every noise, movement you watch and you find it difficult to get into a workout routine, you have no time. Let me give you some easy steps to lose pregnancy weight. Continue reading

Easy and fun fat loss for mom

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Fat loss

It must be fun but there is no mom who does not want to lose some fat after pregnancy. On my mind this is very easy if you do not create a problem from this.

Now my son is one year old and I feel and look even better than before pregnancy. I invented really great and easy way to become and stay slim, beautiful and happy. When I have some free time I will share this method with you.

On the picture I and my son this summer on the seaside. As you can see I do not suffer from overweight. You might think that I follow some special diet or spend a lot of time is the gym but this is not true. I like tasty food and I eat not only fruits and vegetables but also bread and butter, potato, some cakes, chocolate and even pizza from time to time. Of course, I try to avoid fast food like MacDonald’s and chips. I am still a breastfeeding mother, so I try to Continue reading