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The rest at the seaside

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This summer me and my family went to the Black Sea. Our journey was absoluteky fantastic!

My son Kostja like the sea very much. He swim and play at the seaside. Sorry, I don’t have much time now but a bit later I will describe our rest and post some pictures.

Your husband will be a father

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You just have told your husband you are pregnant but he does not look very happy?

Do not panic! This does not mean he is really not happy.

First of all, your husband is shocked because he has never been father yet Do not be afraid – he will become a dad anyway. You mission in this process is to help him.

It is hard for man understand your behavior during your pregnancy because he cannot feel what you feel. Those movements inside your stomach – your baby lives in you. Let your husband put hands on your stomach and let him to listen to your baby.

It will be perfect if you choose pregnancy courses together and visit school for parents.

What about baby birth together – this all depends on your husband. You should not persuade him. Give you man time to decide whether he is ready to give birth to your child together.