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Simple Steps on How to Conceive a Baby Boy or Girl

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Choosing what gender your child will be always something which cannot be controlled, however one can do these simple methods in order to influence the conception in order to conceive either a boy or a girl. These are some of these simple steps.

In order to conceive a girl, you must:

  1. Have an accurate tracking of the monthly menstrual cycle. It is important to know when you ovulate as this is necessary in order to influence the conception in order to conceive a girl. Imagine that the demarcation line between conceiving a boy or a girl is the day of ovulation.
  2. Once the ovulation date is pinpointed to a certain level of accuracy, remember to only have sexual intercourse at least 2 days before the ovulation date. This will make sure that only the slow swimming female sperm cells (those that contain the female chromosome) remain to fertilize the egg, as the fast swimming male sperm cells will have died before even the egg cell is released from the ovaries.
  3. Also, remember to only use sexual positions which have shallow penetration. It will also ensure that only the slow swimming female sperm cells remain to fertilize the egg.

    In order to conceive a boy, you must:

    1. Again, keep track on the menstrual cycle of the female partner. It is important to be certain on the date of ovulation. Once it is certified, it will be an important part in influencing conceptions,
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    Ovulation Calculator to Conceive a Boy

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    baby boy

    baby boyToday many couples can decide to choose the gender of their baby. Many cultures have ways to choose baby gender that are based on the female ovulation cycle. These methods have been around for hundreds of years with varying degrees of success. Some parents are absolutely convinced that they conceived a baby boy by following certain techniques, changing their diet, using various “positions” in the bedroom or even drinking particular concoctions. Although most doctors and fertility experts claim that we can’t influence whether we have a girl or boy, there’s certainly a lot of compelling anecdotal evidence out there to the contrary.

    Determining when you ovulate is vital when you are learning how to conceive a boy. According to Shettles method it recommends to have sex as early as 24 hours before ovulation to no more than 12 hours past ovulation in order to increase your chances of conceiving a boy. Ovulation calendar shows your most fertile days for getting pregnant. Ovulation calculators require you to know the length of your menstrual cycle and the date your last period started.

    There are many choices in calculating your ovulation period either you will use online versions available from several of site or prefer to use the old paper calendar.

    For online calculator you can use for example


    This is free ovulation calculators for you.

    So what are the basic things to do? First is that you enter in the first and last day of your menstrual cycle a few months prior to when you actually want to conceive, it will tell you the length of your cycle.  Then you are directed to conceive approximately two weeks prior to the start of your next period, or mid-way through your cycle.  Since women typical menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, this is somewhere around day 14. Though the time before you ovulate may vary every month, for most women the time after ovulation (your luteal phase) is the same length from month to month.  But as we know not all women has a 28 day cycle and sometimes, women will ovulate earlier or later in their cycles, so not every month is exactly the same for every woman.

    For those mothers who want to conceive boy it’s important to know exactly when you ovulate so that you aren’t too early (if you are, the odds are better for a girl.) Because in the event that you will conceive well before the egg is ready, the boy sperm will deteriorate, weaken, and die off before conception can even happen. But if you conceive on the day of or just after ovulation male baby may be granted.

    Ovulation calculators work best for women who have very regular cycles. They’re not helpful for women with very short (less than 21 days), very long (more than 35 days), or very irregular cycles.  Ovulation calculators can be helpful in ascertaining approximately when you will ovulate. But for those who isn’t knowledgeable about their cycle or whose cycle is irregular, they aren’t proof. The accuracy of an ovulation calculator depends on how regular your menstrual cycles are and whether you ovulate at the expected time.

    Food to Eat to Conceive a Boy

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    food to conceive a boy
    food to conceive a boy

    food to conceive a boy

    If you’re pregnant and you and your partner plan to conceive a boy then you must make a certain changes to your diet. By doing this you might be able to increase your chance on having a boy baby. Long time before there’s an old wives tales that said what foods you should eat when you’re trying to conceive a boy. The very well-known is that eating a banana, sound funny right? The important thing is that and good thing also is that there is no fail safe method for conceiving a boy.

    During pregnancy a mother usually eat foods or allowed to eat food a little more than when she is not pregnant. So knowing this it may be good news for her because not only does she need to know what foods to eat to conceive a boy, she needs to eat more of them. For you to conceive a boy you better change your diet and know all those minerals that will help you to have a boy.
    Here are some foods that may help you to conceive a boy:
    • Scientific research study found that women who developed male fetuses had 300 mg of extra potassium through food as compared to women who conceived baby girls. Continue reading