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The best breastfeeding positions

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Breastfeeding is very important both for mom and baby. There are many breastfeeding positions which are comfortable for mother and baby. The main thing you need to remember – your baby should take your nipple correctly and you need to relax and think of your baby.
breastfeeding position cradle

Perhaps the most frequently used breastfeeding position is the cradle, or cuddle, hold. To feel more comfortable make sure your arm is well supported in such case you will not become tired before your baby is finished nursing.

Place your baby across your stomach, tummy to tummy. Her face and knees should be close into, and facing, your body.

Her head should be in the bend of your elbow, with her mouth directly in front of your nipple.
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Should I wake up my baby to feed?

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baby sleep

Now I can tell you that I am experienced mom and I can share some secrets with you. But when my son was born I did not know what to do with him, how to feed my baby and how to make him calm and happy. Of course, I read a lot of magazines and articles about pregnancy, about baby care, etc. but if you have not done all those things, you have read, by yourself – it is only theory and your practice starts when your baby is born.

So let us start.

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Breastfeed your baby or not?

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If you do not know the answer to this question, I can help you – the aswer is YES – breastfeeding is the best option for you and your baby.

There are many benefits of breastfeeding as for you as for your baby.

For your baby:

Your milk is a perfect food for your infant. It has the rightamount of protein, fat and sugar that your baby needs. Composition of the milk is changes according to the baby’s needs. Breastfed babies have higher IQ tests. Breastfeeding gives your baby comfort and make the baby calm and relaxed.

For you:
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Welcome here!

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Hi all!

Welcome to Happy Mom site!

My name is Ann and I’m happy mom of 1 year old son. Here we are going to discuss many important topics such as planning pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, your baby and many many others.

I will share my experience and I hope, you will tell us your interesting story.

How to be ready for a pregnancy, changes is your mind and body during pregnancy, how to avoid toxicosis, childbirth, breast-feeding, special exercises, massage for your baby – these are some of the topics that will be discussed.

I believe that every mom has something to teach and something to learn.

So let’s help each other to become really happy mom!