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5 Ways You Can Create a Math-Friendly Environment in the Home

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Parents and child

Home life and parental support both play a major role in a student’s academic success from kindergarten onward. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, between 82 and 89 percent of all public elementary schools provide information for parents to improve the learning environment of the home. Beyond taking advantage of these resources, parents can contribute to their child’s math skills with these four tips.

Identify Learning Barriers Early

In most cases, learning disabilities and behavioral disorders will be discovered in the classroom, but it’s best to spot them early if possible. If you have a concern, have your child see a psychologist who specializes in learning disorders to make sure he is up to speed with his age group and equipped for success at school. Conduct math-based educational activities at home as well so you can gain a better understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Talk About Testing

The U.S. Department of Education recommends introducing your child to testing at home before they encounter it at school. Be encouraging— children who feel confident about their math skills are more likely to do well on tests compared with those who are anxious about failing. Make sure your child has a quiet place to study throughout the week and enforce a healthy sleep schedule the night before the test. To get her off to a good start, make a nutritious breakfast before test day.

Lead By Example

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The most popular myths about motherhood

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Nowdays there are a lot of women who went from full-time work into full-time motherhood. This is a great change in woman’s life. Motherhood is joyous and it’s also hard work.
Many mothers have set some expectations of what motherhood will be like. Sometimes the expectations are so strong that they can even prevent women adjusting to having a baby and to enjoying the experience. I believe it will be interesting for you to read some of the myths about motherhood.

Myth 1: Motherhood equals non-stop joyfulness

Yes, it’s joyful. But I don’t think Non-stop. Many women think that motherhood will be like. The media and clever advertising tells us that motherhood is sunny days, walks in the park and rosy cheeked babies who smile and gurgle on demand.
Expectations that motherhood should be “easy” can be difficult if things don’t go as expected. Many women at this point feel overwhelmed and in some cases incompetent.
It’s important to have realistic expectations of yourself and your baby. One way to do this is to have an honest discussion with a couple of other mums you trust, who have kids the same age as yours. Find out what they are really experiencing, what are their highs and their lows and how are they coping. This type of discussion might help you feel your experiences are not uncommon.
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Baby yoga benefits

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baby yoga

When I was pregnant I saw video lesson on baby yoga and I decided that when my baby is born I will practice baby yoga. It was amazing how easy and fun exercises can make you happy mom and your newborn happy baby.

I practices baby yoga in addition to infant massage. Baby yoga is physical stimulation for your little baby which includes holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation. Baby yoga is also a happy and care-free parent-infant interaction which develops as the baby grows.

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7 myths about early child development

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Early child development

Early child development

  1. Еarly child development can lead to negative attitude to schoold
    This is not true. All children who were developed from the newborn are very inquisitive and easy learning. Negative attitude to studding can be caused if you force your child to do things that he does not like.
  2. Baby is deprived of happy and carefree childhood
    Newborns are happy to study the world from the first minutes of their life. Early development of child helps the baby to learn the world. If the baby is tired from the lesson just postpone it.
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