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Throwing a Baby Shower? Keep it Simple, Organic and Inexpensive

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It seems like every time I say the word “organic” in relation to planning a party or big dinner, I get a lot of suspicious looks. I’ve realized that people tend to jump right from “organic” to “expensive” and shut down. Luckily, with a little research and planning, you too can offer organic fare at your next party without breaking the bank.

I especially like to stay organic when I’m hosting baby showers. Many of the guests tend to be pregnant or nursing moms, so providing quality food for them is a big priority for me. When I start planning, I like to find out who will be attending (old friends, multiple generations of family, colleagues) to start setting the tone for the party.

My favorite time to host a baby shower is a weekend afternoon. It keeps the party from going too long (no one wants to play every shower game in one sitting) and, since no one expects a full meal, will save you money. Some showers will offer alcohol, and that’s okay, but I generally skip it — especially for an afternoon party. The mom-to-be won’t be drinking, so I don’t think it’s necessary that the rest of us do.
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Baby shower games

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baby shower

baby shower games
Baby shower is a celebration of new life. When your family is full of love and happiness you what to share your joy with others. You decide to throw the baby shower. Of course you have a lot of questions: how to make baby shower fun and interesting, how to entertain your guests?
Today I want to describe several fun games for your baby shower.
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