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What to wear on your baby in cold weather?

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Cold weather is part of winter time. So many mothers have a question like what to wear on your baby? The best decision is to put on your child several thin jackets from natural material instead of thick sweater. As a mother you should remember that your baby should have one layer of clothing more that you have.
Also you need to know that if your baby lies or sit during the walk he will freeze more then when the baby run and play active. To check if your baby is wear correctly touch a back part of his neck. If it is warm and dry – baby clothing is good for the weather.

Baby clothing – pink or blue?

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Imagine that you go to the shop and decided to buy some baby clothing.

Let me guess what colors are most probable for baby wearing. If you want to dress a girl most probably color would be pink and if you have a boy – blue will be your choice. And this is normal nowadays.

May be you would be surprised but in the past this was absolutely vise a verse. Blue was a color for girls and pink for boys. And that makes sense. I will explain why. Continue reading