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Five tips for stress-free travel with kids

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Travelling with your toddler this summer? Banish visions of whiny cries and fidgets, and the altogether dreaded mid-air meltdown, with these expert tips and tricks.

Whether your vacation involves road trips or air travel, make it truly about the journey. With the right planning you can be ready for smooth rides and a stress-free vacation, with some fun learning along the way. Start introducing some of the verbal games two to three weeks before your trip, so your kids are familiar with them in advance and will enjoy playing them throughout the trip.

1 Slow it down
Travelling with kids always takes longer than travelling alone. While we’re in a hurry to get somewhere, kids like to take their time exploring. Use this to your advantage, pointing out new objects and play guessing games. Don’t forget to build in extra time to check in and get settled – arrive early and anticipate that you’ll be late getting there, preventing the stress and anxiety caused by delays.

2 Surprise Surprise!
Wrap up some toys in colourful paper – just like a present. Something that they have never seen before will hold their attention far more than something that has been played with dozens of times already. Give your kid a ‘gift’ every so often throughout the day, tied in to various milestones through the journey. This will excite them and encourage good behaviour.

3 Bag it
If your kids are old enough, let them bring their own carry on and build the excitement of travel by letting them choose a new case/bag. While travelling, they can pull the case as a distraction to keep them moving, they can sit on it as a ride-on, and it can contain enough toys to keep them occupied for any delay.

4 Sticky business
For those moments when they’ve turned down the plane lights, and your child is still buzzing from the meal they just served, break out stickers. These are great for keeping roving hands busy for stretches of time. Use an empty water bottle/container to decorate, or even carry along pictures printed out on cards.

5 Simon says
A great play-along game with wonderful developmental benefits, tell kids to perform actions that ‘Simon’ requests them to do, but if ‘Tiger’ asks, he’s trying to trick them. ‘Simon says jump’. ‘Tiger says wave’. If they make a mistake, ask them to roar like a tiger and continue the game. For older children, add complexity by adding two-step instructions.

Five things you shouldn’t leave home without

1. Favourite toys and blankets. Make sure you do a spot check every time you change locations to make sure Teddy isn’t left behind.

2. Picture books for younger kids to look at and ‘read’ on the road, and pack a few titles that your older children can read to the little ones while you’re driving.

3. Colouring books and crayons can be lifesavers on board flights and at meal times.

4. Activities such as Etch-a-sketch, or even bubbles to blow at times are simple things to pack, and will add variety to your trip.

5. If all else fails, load up the handy smartphone or tablet with some age-appropriate apps and games, and ignore the ‘judgy’ looks. Sometimes tech can be a lifesaver and kids love it, so embrace it. Be careful though, screen time is a no-no for children younger than two years of age.

Auris Deira Appartments in Dubai – my experience

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Our first morning in Dubai meat us with unbelievable bright sun in a huge window and planes flying in front of our room.

The room was big with all necessary things: comfortable bed, tv, sofa, table, small but well equipped kitchen, clean bathroom.

The hotel has very good location. I few minutes to the main road where all taxis and metro are situated. A few minutes to cafes where you can eat and supermarkets where you can buy fresh fruits and others products.

We had breakfast in Auris Deira Apartments. I cannot say that it is fantastic. Eggs, rise, sausages, omelet, fruit, vegetable, tea, coffee, juice, as usual. There were no a wide variety of dishes but we were not hungry.

Hotel bus went to the beach several times in the morning but we always go there by a taxi because it is really affordable. (about 20-30 dirham  one side).

There is a small swimming pool on the hotel roof. It is opened from 9 am till 5 pm. But we always went to the sea and had not swim there.

The main impression from Auris Deira Apartments is very good.

The beaches in Dubai are absolutely fantastic but this is already the next story…

Amazing Dubai – one week in unreal world

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Some time ago I was in Dubai with my son and husband. It was absolutely amazing week in a magic and so unreal city. Our journey starts with FlyDubai air company and the plane was great. Despite FlyDubai is lowcost company we like it very much for polite staff, convenient seats and fun screen in front of every seat. My son played games and watched movies so the fly time (four and a half hours) passed very fast.

The only unpleasant thing was that there were no food on the plane.

However we enjoy beautiful landscapes from the window of our plane.

But the funniest episode of that day appeared when we came to our hotel. It was already late in the evening and we went to the restaurant to eat something because we were very hungry (as you remember there was no food during the fly). The temperature outside was about 17-18 Celsius degrees that was very comfortable for us (when we flied from home it was about -5 Celsius degrees ) and we went to open space restaurant but the man who worked there made scared face and told:

Oh no – do not go there – it is so cold outside!!

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