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The road from nappies to a pot

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The road from nappies to a pot is a very important step in life of every child and its parents. This step means the step to adult life. Every baby do it in its own manner. Of course, parents should help the baby to find the road from nappies to a pot.

There are several things that will help you to leave nappies:

  • Tell your baby what is pot and why do you need it
  • Show what to do with a pot
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What to do if baby does not sleep at night?

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baby sleepSometimes my son (he is one year and 8 months old now) wakes at the middle of the night and starts play. He talks to me and my husband laugh and jump on the bed. And no words can make him sleep. In the past that can make me very sad and I do all in my power to put the boy in the bed. But now I realized that it is all senseless. Continue reading

The best breastfeeding positions

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Breastfeeding is very important both for mom and baby. There are many breastfeeding positions which are comfortable for mother and baby. The main thing you need to remember – your baby should take your nipple correctly and you need to relax and think of your baby.
breastfeeding position cradle

Perhaps the most frequently used breastfeeding position is the cradle, or cuddle, hold. To feel more comfortable make sure your arm is well supported in such case you will not become tired before your baby is finished nursing.

Place your baby across your stomach, tummy to tummy. Her face and knees should be close into, and facing, your body.

Her head should be in the bend of your elbow, with her mouth directly in front of your nipple.
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Should I wake up my baby to feed?

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Now I can tell you that I am experienced mom and I can share some secrets with you. But when my son was born I did not know what to do with him, how to feed my baby and how to make him calm and happy. Of course, I read a lot of magazines and articles about pregnancy, about baby care, etc. but if you have not done all those things, you have read, by yourself – it is only theory and your practice starts when your baby is born.

So let us start.

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Chinese pregnancy calendar

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Have you ever heard about Chinese pregnancy calendar? If you are pregnant and you want to know whether you have a boy or a girl – please read below – it will be interesting and helpful for you. Also Chinese pregnancy calendar will be very useful for those who are planning pregnancy now and want to choose baby’s gender before conceiving.

Chinese pregnancy calendar is a special chart that can help you to predict the sex of unborn child. According to the legend, Chinese conception chart (this is how Chinese pregnancy calendar is called also) was buried in a royal tomb about 700 years ago, and was recently discovered.
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Yoga for mom and baby

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Today I will show you six easy yogaexercises. Do them slowly and lsten to your body.
Do the six poses in sequence, taking a short rest between each of them. When you finish lie on your back and rest for a few minutes.

The bridge – Setu bandhasana

You: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet hip-width apart. Bring your feet up towards your bottom. Hold your baby (see below) or let your arms rest by your sides with palms turned down. Exhale and slowly lift your hips to a comfortable height. Hold for five to six breaths. Feel the stretch in your bottom and lower legs. Inhale and slowly lower your hips back to the floor.
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Baby yoga benefits

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When I was pregnant I saw video lesson on baby yoga and I decided that when my baby is born I will practice baby yoga. It was amazing how easy and fun exercises can make you happy mom and your newborn happy baby.

I practices baby yoga in addition to infant massage. Baby yoga is physical stimulation for your little baby which includes holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation. Baby yoga is also a happy and care-free parent-infant interaction which develops as the baby grows.

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How to calculate baby due date?

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How to calculate due date

How to calculate due date

When I got known I’m pregnant I tried to find out due date – the day which will be my baby’s birthday. I think this question is interesting for every mom. Let’s see how to calculate due date.

Your Pregnancy period – the happy period when you are waiting for your baby in average equals 280 days and it is calculated from the first day of your last normal menstrual period.

Pregnancy is usually lasts 40 weeks or 10 lunar months or 9 calendar months.

What about your due date? Continue reading

How to avoid morning sickness

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Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy. It usually starts from the 4th week pregnancy and last for several weeks.

As for me, I did not have it all.
May be because Continue reading

If your baby does not want to sleep at night

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Many parents have the problem when their baby does not want to sleep at night.

When my son was born I did not have such a problem at first – my boy slept whole night without waking up. But after several weeks he started wake up many times during the night. It was a nightmare, I had to get up many times to my baby, breast feed him and try to put him sleep into his bed but after 30 minutes everything repeated again.

You might think I was tired – No – I was almost dead because of fatigue. Then I took my son into our bed and it was fantastic! Continue reading