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6 Tips to Combat Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

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Up to eight percent of Americans do not visit the dentist out of fear, whereas 20 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist unless they have no other choice, according to Peter Milgrom, DDS and Director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle. To prevent this problem before it occurs, parents need to help their children overcome fear of the dentist early in life.

A child’s fear of the dentist is most severe when he has never visited the dentist’s office or visits infrequently. In fact, infrequent visits to the dentist can help create and exacerbate a child’s fear. Instead of avoiding the dentist, help your child face the fear head-on.

1. Acknowledge His Fear

Fear is a perfectly natural human response. It tends to creep in when thinking about trying something new or experiencing something that is not familiar. Let your child know that many people have the same fear of visiting the dentist as he does.

Avoid overrating, downplaying or making fun of your child’s fear, as this will only make the child feel worse. Let your child know that you understand his fear to help him ultimately overcome it.

2. Explore the Child’s Fears

Use this step to help your child separate his thoughts.

  • Worry thought – Visiting the dentist is going to hurt.
  • Smart thought – If the child does not visit the dentist, he might end up with cavities that will eventually hurt.

3. Choose the Right Type of Dentist

Some dentists have more experience working with children than others. For example, some dentists specialize in pediatric treatment, such as Kool Smiles, and they tailor their services directly to children and their parents. Dentists who treat children frequently are more likely to understand their fears and know how to put them at ease.

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Five Tips to Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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For many pregnant women, their famous last words are the well-known excuse, “I’m eating for two.” One of the joys of pregnancy is being able to enjoy an abundance of delicious foods because you need to nourish your growing child and yourself. However, excessive weight gain can lead to pregnancy complications down the line. Plus, no one wants to deal with seeing high numbers on the scale post pregnancy. For a healthy and balanced pregnancy, be mindful of your meal choices and lifestyle starting from the moment you find out you’re expecting.

Make a Meal Plan

Planning meals ahead of time eliminates the temptation to make a quick-fix frozen dinner or head to your favorite fast food joint. Continue reading

Breastfeeding shawls

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Making sure of the safety of the baby is very important. A mother should and always have to make sure that the baby is safe at all times. Not just safe but also to make the baby feel comfortable at all times. Such is the use of the breastfeeding shawl. You can feel relaxed whenever you have a breastfeeding shawl in use while you are tending to your baby. Breastfeeding shawls come in all different types. There many breastfeeding shawls that you can choose from. It all depends on which one will you choose. But you have to also take note that not all shawls have the same quality.

Breastfeeding shawls are important if you want a discreet feeding for your baby. So choosing shawl must depend on its quality. Don’t choose the shawl just because it’s not that expensive. Remember that we are speaking about your baby here. Make sure that the shawl you are going to choose will give comfort. Not all shawls have the same qualities; all of them have different variations. They often vary on how they are made from. Make sure that the shawl you choose is soft and comfy so that your baby will feel comfortable in it, not just the baby but also you as the mother.
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Breathing Techniques for Childbirth

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Giving birth to a child is one of the most painful experiences that a woman could have in her life. The woman will feel so much pain in laboring and delivering. There are many techniques that can be used on how to help ease the pain that a woman suffers while giving birth. Breathing techniques for childbirth is really useful when it comes to easing the pain. Breathing should always be focused depending on how the woman is comfortable. There are many breathing techniques for childbirth that can be applied when a woman is in labor or delivery, all of them is really important.

How can an expectant mother learn breathing techniques for childbirth? An expectant mother should be able to learn breathing techniques if she gets herself a childbirth education. A childbirth class can teach a woman on how to breathe properly when in labor or delivery. It is advisable that an expectant mother should always practice her breathing all the time, whether it’s a patterned breathing or rhythmic breathing. The expectant mother should be able to learn on how to remain focused in her breathing so that she can be comfortable in labor or delivery. It will help her on how be satisfied on how she is doing with her labor.
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Simple Steps on How to Conceive a Baby Boy or Girl

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Choosing what gender your child will be always something which cannot be controlled, however one can do these simple methods in order to influence the conception in order to conceive either a boy or a girl. These are some of these simple steps.

In order to conceive a girl, you must:

  1. Have an accurate tracking of the monthly menstrual cycle. It is important to know when you ovulate as this is necessary in order to influence the conception in order to conceive a girl. Imagine that the demarcation line between conceiving a boy or a girl is the day of ovulation.
  2. Once the ovulation date is pinpointed to a certain level of accuracy, remember to only have sexual intercourse at least 2 days before the ovulation date. This will make sure that only the slow swimming female sperm cells (those that contain the female chromosome) remain to fertilize the egg, as the fast swimming male sperm cells will have died before even the egg cell is released from the ovaries.
  3. Also, remember to only use sexual positions which have shallow penetration. It will also ensure that only the slow swimming female sperm cells remain to fertilize the egg.

    In order to conceive a boy, you must:

    1. Again, keep track on the menstrual cycle of the female partner. It is important to be certain on the date of ovulation. Once it is certified, it will be an important part in influencing conceptions,
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    Throwing a Baby Shower? Keep it Simple, Organic and Inexpensive

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    It seems like every time I say the word “organic” in relation to planning a party or big dinner, I get a lot of suspicious looks. I’ve realized that people tend to jump right from “organic” to “expensive” and shut down. Luckily, with a little research and planning, you too can offer organic fare at your next party without breaking the bank.

    I especially like to stay organic when I’m hosting baby showers. Many of the guests tend to be pregnant or nursing moms, so providing quality food for them is a big priority for me. When I start planning, I like to find out who will be attending (old friends, multiple generations of family, colleagues) to start setting the tone for the party.

    My favorite time to host a baby shower is a weekend afternoon. It keeps the party from going too long (no one wants to play every shower game in one sitting) and, since no one expects a full meal, will save you money. Some showers will offer alcohol, and that’s okay, but I generally skip it — especially for an afternoon party. The mom-to-be won’t be drinking, so I don’t think it’s necessary that the rest of us do.
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    Cutting the Cost of Providing for Your Baby – a Guide for First Time Parents

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    Preparing for the arrival of your first baby is a very exciting time. However, the addition of a baby to your family will bring with it some inevitable costs, which will become very apparent as you start to shop for everything you need for their arrival. It’s therefore important for new parents to get their finances in order by starting to put some money aside in the weeks leading up to the birth – though ideally start saving before you even begin to try for a baby. Budgeting is going to become even more important when you have an extra member in the household, so now is a good time to calculate what your expected earnings and outgoings will be each month; there are a number of useful budgeting tools that can provide help with this task. As well as planning for the inevitable costs, there are those unexpected things that arise, which also require payment. For example, a rise in hormone levels during pregnancy can lead to dental problems, so be sure that you have dental insurance to cover costs of not just routine work on your teeth, but any extra that might also be needed.

    Avoid non-essential items

    As a first time parent you want to give your baby everything they could possibly need. However, not everything that manufacturers would have you believe is a “must have item” for your new baby actually is. Find out from other parents you know what items you definitely need to buy for your baby and which are just nice extras that you can do without. Online discussion forums for parents are also a good source for this information, with experienced moms happy to share their wealth of knowledge.

    Consider purchases carefully

    Before buying something for your new baby, particularly if it is a large or expensive item, decide whether it is a practical purchase. Travel systems, which typically comprise of a stroller, infant car seat and often a carrycot, have become increasingly popular. However, there are plenty of instances where parents have ended up having to buy a second stroller because they found storage or transportation difficult with the bulky stroller included in their travel system. While you can obviously sell any misguided purchases, it is cheaper in the long run to make the right choice in the first place. Make sure that you ask other parents about their experience with certain products, read product reviews and again tap into the knowledge of moms on parenting forums. Continue reading

    Baby bjorn Comfort Carrier Review

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    Baby bjorn Comfort Carrier Review

    One of the best quality carriers are the Bjorn products. Started in 1961 by Bjorn Jakobson, BabyBjorn remains a Swedish family company with products found all over the world. BabyBjorn introduced the first baby carrier in year 1973 and by the time they launched their carrier products most parents prefer to have it. This is because as the years pass by BabyBjorn continues to improve their products by having a rigorous testing to make sure their products comply with their high demands of safety, quality, and design to make more babies happy.

    Many designs of baby carriers were launched by BabyBjorn and all of it is really nice. In year 2010 new design was came out, this is the BabyBjorn comfort carrier. BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier that provides the best possible support when carrying a bigger and older child for extended periods of time. This carrier isn’t designed to be used from birth, but is for older babies, specifically from 3 month up to 2 years. It can carry a child from 13 lbs up until 31 lbs., and when facing forward the maximum weight it can carry is 26 lbs. BabyBjorn comfort carrier offers two leg positions. First is the narrower position or normal position, it is for outward-facing and secondly is the wide position with this, baby is facing inward, a zip-on panel supplies a wider base for baby’s bottom and thigh. Also the waist belt it has is very long. Its ergonomic waist belt is secured and tightened around your hips, so your baby is surely safe. The straps are extremely comfortable and easy to adjust even without any assistance and it made to fit for adults from size small to bigger one. And the most important one is positioning the head of the baby. The head support must be secured, in doing it gently pull the head support up a few times to get your baby’s bottom nicely and you can clip the head support upward for maximum security, or you can fold it downward to give your baby a much better view while walking. Continue reading

    Cruising with Kids: The Pros and Cons of a Family Vacation at Sea

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    Ever gotten stressed when organising a vacation? If you think choosing where to go, packing the essentials and making your connections are taxing on your own then try doing it with a family in tow! However, according to a recent Netmums survey, 70% of mothers who took part believe that, despite the vast amount of planning and invariable snags along the way, taking a vacation with the kids is an invaluable way to spend time together as a family.

    With US News voting Yosemite National Park and Disney World, Orlando amongst the top 5 American family vacations, it seems like family friendly resorts and outdoor activities rank highly when it comes to deciding where to go. But in the last ten years an unlikely type of vacation has steadily been gaining popularity with families. WeJustGotBack claim that there has been a reported 50% rise in under 3’s on cruise vacations – be that be a long trip to Europe or the Caribbean on a gigantic, luxurious liner or a relaxed, internal river cruise along some of America’s most beautiful waterways.

    When you think of cruises, many people picture an exclusive, glamorous, adult environment and it’s true, many big cruise liners (such as Windstar and SeaDream) do cater solely for adults. But many companies have now recognised the potential market for families who’d like to stretch their sea legs and, as such, several major cruise liners have made giant leaps in facilitating breaks for children. But would you consider taking your little ones on a cruising vacation? Here are some pros and cons to consider.

    (+) A Fun Way to Travel

    When taking a family vacation, the travelling part can often become tedious, boring and stressful for kids and grown ups alike. The beauty of cruising vacations is that reaching your destination(s) is part of the fun. There is so much for kids to do on board cruise ships including sporting tournaments, arts and crafts, parties and a variety of water based entertainment in swimming pools and aqua parks. The vast majority of family cruise liners offer babysitting services and kids clubs so you’ll be free to enjoy some adult time too.
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    Mommy Motoring: Choosing a Safe Kid-Friendly Car

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    Before you had children, perhaps you enjoyed the wind blowing through your hair as you drove your two-seater convertible, or cruising around the city in your stylish sports jeep. As you probably already know by now, the car you enjoyed driving before you became a mom might not be that practical now you have little ones to think about.

    Making sure your children are comfortable and safe when taking them for a ride in your car will make a journey much more pleasurable and put your worrying mind at rest. So read on to find out what type of car you need and how to keep your kids safe when in the car.

    Choosing the Right Type of Car for Your Kids

    There is by no means one particular car that is best for families, but what you need to think about is the quality, reliability, and safety of your chosen car. It’s worth looking at safety records of cars before you decide on a purchase, and also how fuel efficient it is. As any mom knows, raising a family can be expensive, so wasting money on a gas-guzzling SUV is probably not the best idea. Also you should be thinking of your child’s future, and how to best protect the environment and conserve the earth’s resources for them. It really is worth talking to other mom’s you know and finding out what they drive, them comparing models until you find one that you are happy with, so do not rush into it.

    Popular choices for many families are station wagons and saloons, and having a four door vehicle does make it easier to fit child seats in the back. Making sure you have enough space to transport a pram and the weekly grocery shop is also important. You should also think about the interior of a vehicle, because we all know how messy children can be. Avoid light coloured materials, as they will inevitably become stained after some time. While leather is a more expensive option, it can be a much better option. Being able to easily wipe down the interior surfaces after food and drink have been spilled can really help to keep your car clean and hygienic.

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