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Daughter? Easy Diet to Conceive Baby Girl

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Having a daughter is a dream for many parents.
How is it possible to increase your chances to conceive baby girl?

There are several different ways to have a girl. Among them special baby girl diet, Chinese lunar calendar, ovulation based methods, hot bath before sex for a man and many others. Now I would like to discuss girl diet.

According to scientist if you eat special food you can make your chances to conceive baby girl more than 80%.

So what to eat if you want to have a girl?

It must be a food with high levels of calcium and magnesium, such as green vegetables.

Such diet rich in fruit, vegetables and rice in the nine weeks before you plan to attempt to conceive increase the levels of calcium and magnesium in your bloodstream and so increase your chances to conceive a girl.

Drink suggestions: Milk, Cranberry, Diet Cool-aid, Aquafina, Dasania (Aquafina and Dasania both are made with reverse osmoses which naturally lowers the pH of water to about a 5-6) and Cranberry Juice.

Below are the examples of

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Is Planning Your Baby’s Gender Possible?

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Choosing your baby’s gender even before conception has always been the dream of parents everywhere at any time. In ancient and medieval times, having a boy as the first born is always seen as a great fortune. This resulted into all sorts of superstitious beliefs on how ensure that the first offspring of a new couple is a male.

These superstitions range from time of day when to have sex, to sexual positions used, to the food the parents eat.  It has been an important thing to ensure that the first born of families are males, during these period and they will do everything just to make sure it happens. However, in today’s standard, those practices seriously believed by ancient people to be effective are now considered as superstitious beliefs. Continue reading

Predict Baby Gender with Chinese Calendar

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There are many pregnant mothers who desired to learn the gender of their infant. It’s a typical thinking to a particular family that having a child isn’t only an easy obligation. A job that troubles their abilities in parenting is used. All the parents are excited to understand concerning the sex of the infant. Since they want to plan in advance when it involves the choice of issues due to their potential infant. Many of them are hearing the guidance of individuals. Tips that will help them to prepare the requirements of the unborn baby have been prioritized. The most frequent advice is the ultrasonography that will be the most dependable and socially approved method of distinguishing the sex of the infant. Nevertheless, you will find individuals who remain to think with the standard approach to pinpointing the baby’s sex. Among this is actually the sex conjecture graph that starts in China. The renowned Chinese gender calendar is really a graph for predicting the gender of a baby, based on the mother’s age and the month of conception. I do believe virtually every pregnant woman, irrespective of how easy and non-superstitious she might be, consults the Chinese information to see what it’s to express about her baby’s gender, and wonders if it’s true.

Am I Having a boy or a girl is one question that over and over concerns your brain of a pregnant mother. The Chinese Gender Chart or the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is one way to find an answer by getting an almost certain gender forecast. Produced and getting used in China for many generations, the Chinese Birth Chart is a Baby Gender Prediction approach that gives gender conjecture with over 95% accuracy. To predict the gender of your baby using the chinese charts you’ll need to learn your the month of pregnancy and Chinese Age. After you understand this, all you have to do is fit your actual age with the month of conception on the Chinese Birth Chart. The box will show you whether its a child or even a lady. To produce things possible for you, we’ll find your Chinese age from your own real age depending on the british calendar. All that’s necessary to complete is enter your time of the month pregnancy and birth. We’ll do the calculations and let you know if its a boy or even a lady.

Nevertheless, demonstrably the Chinese gender graph doesn’t correctly forecast your baby’s gender each time. Almost all mothers-to-be aspire to have a healthier, full-term infant. Beyond that, all of the dialogue about sex is simply the frosting on the dessert for many. It may be lots of fun to make use of old wives tales such as the Chinese delivery diary to try and forecast what sex your child will soon be, before you discover. Nevertheless, this process and others enjoy it are often never significantly more than 50% right with time.

Cutting the Cost of Providing for Your Baby – a Guide for First Time Parents

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Preparing for the arrival of your first baby is a very exciting time. However, the addition of a baby to your family will bring with it some inevitable costs, which will become very apparent as you start to shop for everything you need for their arrival. It’s therefore important for new parents to get their finances in order by starting to put some money aside in the weeks leading up to the birth – though ideally start saving before you even begin to try for a baby. Budgeting is going to become even more important when you have an extra member in the household, so now is a good time to calculate what your expected earnings and outgoings will be each month; there are a number of useful budgeting tools that can provide help with this task. As well as planning for the inevitable costs, there are those unexpected things that arise, which also require payment. For example, a rise in hormone levels during pregnancy can lead to dental problems, so be sure that you have dental insurance to cover costs of not just routine work on your teeth, but any extra that might also be needed.

Avoid non-essential items

As a first time parent you want to give your baby everything they could possibly need. However, not everything that manufacturers would have you believe is a “must have item” for your new baby actually is. Find out from other parents you know what items you definitely need to buy for your baby and which are just nice extras that you can do without. Online discussion forums for parents are also a good source for this information, with experienced moms happy to share their wealth of knowledge.

Consider purchases carefully

Before buying something for your new baby, particularly if it is a large or expensive item, decide whether it is a practical purchase. Travel systems, which typically comprise of a stroller, infant car seat and often a carrycot, have become increasingly popular. However, there are plenty of instances where parents have ended up having to buy a second stroller because they found storage or transportation difficult with the bulky stroller included in their travel system. While you can obviously sell any misguided purchases, it is cheaper in the long run to make the right choice in the first place. Make sure that you ask other parents about their experience with certain products, read product reviews and again tap into the knowledge of moms on parenting forums. Continue reading

Ovulation Calculator to Conceive a Boy

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baby boyToday many couples can decide to choose the gender of their baby. Many cultures have ways to choose baby gender that are based on the female ovulation cycle. These methods have been around for hundreds of years with varying degrees of success. Some parents are absolutely convinced that they conceived a baby boy by following certain techniques, changing their diet, using various “positions” in the bedroom or even drinking particular concoctions. Although most doctors and fertility experts claim that we can’t influence whether we have a girl or boy, there’s certainly a lot of compelling anecdotal evidence out there to the contrary.

Determining when you ovulate is vital when you are learning how to conceive a boy. According to Shettles method it recommends to have sex as early as 24 hours before ovulation to no more than 12 hours past ovulation in order to increase your chances of conceiving a boy. Ovulation calendar shows your most fertile days for getting pregnant. Ovulation calculators require you to know the length of your menstrual cycle and the date your last period started.

There are many choices in calculating your ovulation period either you will use online versions available from several of site or prefer to use the old paper calendar.

For online calculator you can use for example

This is free ovulation calculators for you.

So what are the basic things to do? First is that you enter in the first and last day of your menstrual cycle a few months prior to when you actually want to conceive, it will tell you the length of your cycle.  Then you are directed to conceive approximately two weeks prior to the start of your next period, or mid-way through your cycle.  Since women typical menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, this is somewhere around day 14. Though the time before you ovulate may vary every month, for most women the time after ovulation (your luteal phase) is the same length from month to month.  But as we know not all women has a 28 day cycle and sometimes, women will ovulate earlier or later in their cycles, so not every month is exactly the same for every woman.

For those mothers who want to conceive boy it’s important to know exactly when you ovulate so that you aren’t too early (if you are, the odds are better for a girl.) Because in the event that you will conceive well before the egg is ready, the boy sperm will deteriorate, weaken, and die off before conception can even happen. But if you conceive on the day of or just after ovulation male baby may be granted.

Ovulation calculators work best for women who have very regular cycles. They’re not helpful for women with very short (less than 21 days), very long (more than 35 days), or very irregular cycles.  Ovulation calculators can be helpful in ascertaining approximately when you will ovulate. But for those who isn’t knowledgeable about their cycle or whose cycle is irregular, they aren’t proof. The accuracy of an ovulation calculator depends on how regular your menstrual cycles are and whether you ovulate at the expected time.

Food to Eat to Conceive a Girl

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Foods to eat to conceive a girl

Foods to eat to conceive a girl

By the time you got pregnant and you want to have a baby girl you may have to work a little harder to achieve your goal. In United States there are studies that more boys than girls are born each year although the difference of it is slight.

There are lots of methods who are introduce for having a baby for choosing your child’s sex have been put forth over the years, but the only way to definitely have a girl is to undergo in vitro fertilization the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis testing. But dietary theory for having a girl centers on the idea that an acidic environment favors girls.

Reason behind is that acid environment tends to kill off sperm; alkaline cervical mucus helps sperm traverse the vagina and cervix to enter the uterus. Since girl sperm are used to live longer, they’re deemed hardier and more likely to survive an acidic environment.
Foods you eat can indeed have an effect on whether you conceive a boy or girl. There are many variables in choosing the foods that help you have a baby girl. One of the easiest ways to begin is by changing your diet to a diet that has been shown to increase the chances of getting a daughter. Research has shown that women who eat lower-calorie diets are more likely to have daughters. When you want to conceive a daughter, the foods you eat can greatly affect your vaginal acidity and PH. A sperm that produces a baby boy are much weaker and have a short lived compare to a sperm that produces a girl. Continue reading

Food to Eat to Conceive a Boy

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food to conceive a boy

food to conceive a boy

If you’re pregnant and you and your partner plan to conceive a boy then you must make a certain changes to your diet. By doing this you might be able to increase your chance on having a boy baby. Long time before there’s an old wives tales that said what foods you should eat when you’re trying to conceive a boy. The very well-known is that eating a banana, sound funny right? The important thing is that and good thing also is that there is no fail safe method for conceiving a boy.

During pregnancy a mother usually eat foods or allowed to eat food a little more than when she is not pregnant. So knowing this it may be good news for her because not only does she need to know what foods to eat to conceive a boy, she needs to eat more of them. For you to conceive a boy you better change your diet and know all those minerals that will help you to have a boy.
Here are some foods that may help you to conceive a boy:
• Scientific research study found that women who developed male fetuses had 300 mg of extra potassium through food as compared to women who conceived baby girls. Continue reading


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Diet before pregnancyIf you’re planning on having a baby, there is a lot more to consider besides choosing a name and finding the right spot to put the crib; the mother’s health is of prime importance. Creating a human being is no easy task, so getting off to a good start is crucial. The best time to start is before the baby is even conceived.

For nine months, the mother will be the entire universe as far as the baby is concerned; a bond that is both physical and emotional. However, even before the baby is conceived pre pregnancy health is essential. While kicking a smoking or caffeine habit during pregnancy is certainly noble, waiting until pregnancy means that your baby will also experience the withdrawal symptoms. Sound pre-pregnancy nutrition along with quitting bad habits in advance is the best way to ensure the least amount of stress upon the child. Continue reading

Preparing for Pregnancy

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Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

You have decided to have a baby. My warmest congratulations! Absolutely new period is started from now and it depends only from you if it is happy or not.

Every woman is thinking about a baby time from time and only a few of them are planning a pregnancy. In most cases pregnancy is a big surprise for a pair.

It is really great that you decided to prepare for this important step. So let us start.
Before conceiving a baby you need to do the next:

  • Stop smoking if you do.
    Both you and your partner should stop smoking at least several months before the conception. Smoking is very harmful for your health and it is even more harmful for a baby.
    Smoking makes it harder to conceive because nicotine reduces parents’ fertility. For mother it affects the production of hormones that are necessary for pregnancy. For men it is also extremely important because smoking reduce the amount of sperm, its mobility and even its shape. Continue reading

Get Pregnant Faster with Ovulation Calendar

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Not a few fellows arrive at a decision to make a baby ones. That is quite big moment for them. Some fellows are about to create a life. And it can be a big surprise for pairs that a baby does not come as soon as they stop avoid pregnancy.

Why this could happen with them?

The main point is that female may conceive a baby only for about tree days a month. Just in this period the egg is ready for fructification. There are some few days around the ovulation. Ovulation is a especial moment in feminine ’s menstruation when the egg leaves ovarium and is running to the uterus. Just at this time conception is attainable. Because of this it is extra great to know when exactly the ovulation occurs. Continue reading