Daughter? Easy Diet to Conceive Baby Girl

Having a daughter is a dream for many parents.
How is it possible to increase your chances to conceive baby girl?

There are several different ways to have a girl. Among them special baby girl diet, Chinese lunar calendar, ovulation based methods, hot bath before sex for a man and many others. Now I would like to discuss girl diet.

According to scientist if you eat special food you can make your chances to conceive baby girl more than 80%.

So what to eat if you want to have a girl?

It must be a food with high levels of calcium and magnesium, such as green vegetables.

Such diet rich in fruit, vegetables and rice in the nine weeks before you plan to attempt to conceive increase the levels of calcium and magnesium in your bloodstream and so increase your chances to conceive a girl.

Drink suggestions: Milk, Cranberry, Diet Cool-aid, Aquafina, Dasania (Aquafina and Dasania both are made with reverse osmoses which naturally lowers the pH of water to about a 5-6) and Cranberry Juice.

Below are the examples of


Lots of calcium (milk, yogurt, etc.)
Low salt intake
No caffeine

yogurt- Greek style or organic only (read labels and look for yogurts containing NO potassium)
Milk- t (nomral milk has 350mg of potassium and organic has about 250mg of potassium. some brands of UHT milk has O mg)
tahini (sesame seed paste)- look for low salt
Strawberries and Raspberries (look for frozen, unsweetened or canned in syrup although fresh will do)
Sugar free gum (not with truvia or stevia in it)

Parmesan cheese (3 tbs max a day)
Propel fitness water with calcium
eggs (Egg Beaters are best)
cottage cheese- read labels for sodium
low salt bread
pasta- look for calcium fortified pasta
fish (poached in 500 ml of water to reduce sodium)
green beans
low sodium mayonnaise

Cranberries- dried or raw (NOT Craisens)
white rice
corn cereal or puffed rice
lamb- loin or chop
chicken- breast
(up to 130g of meat per day- no red meat= testosterone)

Below is a list of supplements that is good for baby girl conception.

Calcium citrate (1200 mg combined with diet every day) take from af to af (can stop at O if you want to save money) calcium in the cm helps to sway for a girl (to prevent low ionic strength cal and Mag ratio has to be 2 to 1. If you have a digital pH tester don’t worry about this) (not calcium carbonate)
Magnesium (300 a day combined with diet!)take from af to af (can stop at O if you want to save money) Mag. in the cm helps to sway for a girl
Folic Acid (450 mcg a day)** you can take more of this if needed and be safe!! Take all the time THIS DOES NOT SWAY! IT PREVENTS BIRTHDEFECTS AND PREVENTS MC
Acidilophis (2 a day) take from af to af (can stop at O to save money) This is taken to lower pH. side effects: this is a funny supplment. Either it will lower your pH dramaticaly or you will raise it. It is different for different people
B6 (100 mg a day) If taken before O it may delay O. But for those that it doesnt delay o, take all the time, but when you get a bfp you need to ween off slowly- if you take 100 this means the next week you take 80, then the next week 60 then 40, 20, 10 then stop. This is taken to raise progestrone and legthen luteal phase. Side efffects: When taken before O it may dealy O. It will also legthen your luteal phase
Chasteberry (Vitex) (500 mg a day) this is to regulate cycles- do not take if you have regural cycles. Please read this: http://www.in-gender.com/cs/forums/t/50960.aspx
Cranberry (total of 1,500 to 10,000 mg fresh fruit equivalent a day if possible. This is based on equal to fresh fruit equivalent.. not amount on bottle. This part can be tricky. So, 10,000 ml equivalent to fresh fruit) take from af to O (stop at O) this is taken to lower pH side effect: cranberry can not be taken after O as it can cause mc. Cranberry is a blood thinner so if you already taking a blood thinner do not take this.
Lydia Pinkham (take from af to O) this is taken to raise progestrone and regulate cycles side effect: This will either make your cycles regular or screw them up
Vitamen C- 500 mg -af to af (can stop at O to save money) in pill forum this makes you more acidic. (to much can cause gas and diarrhea)
Saw Palmetto standardized -320mg a day (thats one pill a day)- Make sure to buy the standardized kind. Take from AF to O.. not to be taken in the 2ww or with pg! This lowers testrone, lowers estrogen and rasies progesterone. Do not take this with Clomid.