Is Planning Your Baby’s Gender Possible?

Choosing your baby’s gender even before conception has always been the dream of parents everywhere at any time. In ancient and medieval times, having a boy as the first born is always seen as a great fortune. This resulted into all sorts of superstitious beliefs on how ensure that the first offspring of a new couple is a male.

These superstitions range from time of day when to have sex, to sexual positions used, to the food the parents eat.  It has been an important thing to ensure that the first born of families are males, during these period and they will do everything just to make sure it happens. However, in today’s standard, those practices seriously believed by ancient people to be effective are now considered as superstitious beliefs.

Today, scientific studies and breakthroughs have discovered that the probability of conceiving male or female children depends on the ratio between X chromosomes to Y chromosomes. We now know that an abundance of X chromosomes will result in a female baby, while the abundance of the other will result in a bouncing baby boy. However, how to do ensure what gender your child will be? This is the purpose of this small write up, to learn how to plan baby gender before conception.

First of all one must first know how the fertilization process works. Sperm from the father numbers literally in millions and each carry the DNA blueprint of your would-be baby. Some of these sperm carry the girl gene, while others carry the boy gene. Sperm cells with the female hormones are relatively slow swimmers and will always lose to the faster “male’ sperm cells. During ovulation, if the couple times their sexual encounter properly, conception which occurs during this period will almost certainly produce a boy. However, when you allow two or three days to pass after ovulation before you engage in sex, the baby would be most likely to be female. Scientifically, many gynecologists know this process and have been advising it to parents on family planning.

Timing is the only thing one should need to accomplish in order to plan your baby’s gender even before conception. It is very much possible and many are already doing it. With further advancement in medical science, it won’t be long that parents can consciously choose whether their child will be a boy or girl. However, that is still a flight of fancy and we are reduced into using this method, which many say is very effective.