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Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks

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Feng shui is very popular consultant on how to have more luck in every aspect of our lives. Among all signs and symbols on how to increase our luck to have a successful married life and attract love, Mandarin ducks is one of the top lists. Since feng shui is considered to have originated in China, most of the classical feng shui cures including the use of Mandarin ducks is rooted in Chinese folklore. The Mandarin ducks are the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui to make love last forever and relationships make stronger. You can use either an image, such as a photo or a painting, or choose small statues of Mandarin ducks as a feng shui love cure.

For many people feng shui used to provide light in their lives. The remedies of feng shui for love and relationships are practiced since decades. Mandarin Ducks becomes a powerful cure to attract or enhance love and relationships when it is placed in pair nearby their owners. For added benefits, sometimes a pair of Mandarin Ducks is designed accompanied with lotus flowers and leaves, and depicted biting on the stems of lotus pods with many lotus seeds in them. And because lotus leaves protect the fish under them and fish is regarded as abundance, it also symbolizes that your wealth is protected. As you can see the Mandarin Ducks are always portrayed in a pair, this is because of their real-life habits in the event if such pair of mandarin ducks gets separated they find it difficult to survive. The feeling of loneliness and grief of losing their partner may cause of their death. The love to their partner is really pure and loyal that is why the relationship of mandarin ducks is a perfect example of how a relationship of lovers and married couples should be. Continue reading