How to conceive baby boy naturally?

Many pairs desire to conceive baby boy. Fathers are often dreaming for a son. Every woman I suppose want to grow up a boy.

How to conceive a boy naturally?

There are many different ways that can really increase your chances to have a baby boy but in any case you should remember that 100% guarantee is not possible. However you can follow the next step to conceive baby boy naturally.

Planning a pregnancy mother should eat natural food. There is special diet for those women who want to conceive a boy. Potassium and sodium ions should predominate in your ration, while calcium and magnesium should be decreased. To conceive a boy naturally you need to eat potatoes, beans, sausage, dried fruits, bananas, fish and it is better to exclude from your diet cheese products, cocoa. Of course you should not limit your ration only with these products. But natural food is highly important for you and your future baby.

You can use Chinese birth gender chart to find out the best time for conception your baby boy.

Conceiving a boy you need to find out your ovulation day. This is significant moment because to conceive baby boy naturally you need to have sex about 12 hours before your ovulation. You can use ovulation tests to determine your ovulation or try free ovulation calculator.

Some tips for future dad: if you are planning a baby future father should avoid padded underwear and warm bath for some time before the conception.

The conception moment is extremely important: long prelude and doggy style help you to conceive baby boy.