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How to conceive baby boy naturally?

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Many pairs desire to conceive baby boy. Fathers are often dreaming for a son. Every woman I suppose want to grow up a boy.

How to conceive a boy naturally?

There are many different ways that can really increase your chances to have a baby boy but in any case you should remember that 100% guarantee is not possible. However you can follow the next step to conceive baby boy naturally.

Planning a pregnancy mother should eat natural food. There is special diet for those women who want to conceive a boy. Potassium and sodium ions should predominate in your ration, while calcium and magnesium should be decreased. To conceive a boy naturally you need to eat potatoes, beans, sausage, dried fruits, bananas, fish and it is better to exclude from your diet cheese products, cocoa. Of course you should not limit your ration only with these products. But natural food is highly important for you and your future baby.

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Diet before pregnancyIf you’re planning on having a baby, there is a lot more to consider besides choosing a name and finding the right spot to put the crib; the mother’s health is of prime importance. Creating a human being is no easy task, so getting off to a good start is crucial. The best time to start is before the baby is even conceived.

For nine months, the mother will be the entire universe as far as the baby is concerned; a bond that is both physical and emotional. However, even before the baby is conceived pre pregnancy health is essential. While kicking a smoking or caffeine habit during pregnancy is certainly noble, waiting until pregnancy means that your baby will also experience the withdrawal symptoms. Sound pre-pregnancy nutrition along with quitting bad habits in advance is the best way to ensure the least amount of stress upon the child. Continue reading

Husband Love Quotes

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I love my husband and sometimes I like to tell him something pleasant. Where to find kind words for your love pair? Of course the best words of love are in your heart. But specially for your I gathered my favorite quotes for love husband.

For example Angelina Jolie sais: “Sometimes I think my husband is so amazing that I don’t know why he’s with me. I don’t know whether I’m good enough. But if I make him happy, then I’m everything I want to be.”

And fun one for moms from Rita Rudner: “My husband and I are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can’t decide whether to ruin our carpet or ruin our lives.”

Smart one from Chanakya: “A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night.” Continue reading

What to do if your husband ignores you?

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husband ignores meThere is an interesting problem that is rarely discussed because of her intimates. “My husband ignores me”. You can tell this only to your close friend and very often you cannot tell this at all. And the most of women eat their heart out. Let us discuss this!

First of all I have to say that your husband can not even guess that you think he ignores you. Men are usually very busy at work. They try to resolve a lot of problems and just do not think about what are we thinking now. They often forget to say us pleasant word and to give some small surprises not because they do not love us anymore but because they are too busy. But please think why they are busy? Our husbands do all in their power to provide us better life.

So do they do all those things for us?

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Preparing for Pregnancy

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Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

You have decided to have a baby. My warmest congratulations! Absolutely new period is started from now and it depends only from you if it is happy or not.

Every woman is thinking about a baby time from time and only a few of them are planning a pregnancy. In most cases pregnancy is a big surprise for a pair.

It is really great that you decided to prepare for this important step. So let us start.
Before conceiving a baby you need to do the next:

  • Stop smoking if you do.
    Both you and your partner should stop smoking at least several months before the conception. Smoking is very harmful for your health and it is even more harmful for a baby.
    Smoking makes it harder to conceive because nicotine reduces parents’ fertility. For mother it affects the production of hormones that are necessary for pregnancy. For men it is also extremely important because smoking reduce the amount of sperm, its mobility and even its shape. Continue reading

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

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Pregnancy is happy period in life on every mom. But many women meet with the stretch marks problem during or after the pregnancy?

How to reduce stretch mark?

First off all I have to say that you should not necessary have stretch marks ones you are pregnant. Personally me had no one stretch on my body during and after the pregnancy.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere in the body. The most often stretch marks on breast and stomach.

Breast stretch marks appear during pregnancy because mother’s breast is grown rapidly. You can prevent stretch marks by special massage or using natural oils.
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