How to stop breastfeeding

stop breastfeeding
The most comfortable way both for mother and baby to stop breastfeeng is to do this slowly and gradually, dropping a breast feeding or two each week until eventually you have replaced all feedings with the bottle. When you skip a feeding, your baby will be surprised by the appearance of the bottle, and your body will also be surprised by the sudden lack of demand. Your breasts may be heavy and sore, filled with milk. If the engorgement bothers you, you can pump them and store the breast milk for a bottle feeding. Don’t pump them completely dry, though, or you’ll be signalling your body for a refill. Only express enough milk to relieve the pressure, and you’ll be telling your body that you don’t need as much milk to be produced. Over time, lactation will stop naturally.

Giving up breast feeding doesn’t necessarily mean not feeding your baby with breast milk. If you want to stop breast-feeding your newborn, either because of work responsibilities or problems with nursing, try using a breast pump to get your infant the breast milk that’s so important to a child’s early development. Weaning your baby from breast to bottle should be done slowly and patiently, and giving your baby an occasional bottle feeding early on will help set the stage for later weaning.

If you’re thinking of stopping breast feeding because of problems feeding your child, ask for assistance before throwing in the towel. “Mothers should feel comfortable asking either their doctors, doctors’ staff or a lactation consultant about being observed so that they know if they are doing it right,” says Dr. Sudha Prasad, a pediatrician from Garden City, New York. I… watch my patients’ mothers breastfeed and give them tips on how to be more physically comfortable.” Dr. Prasad points out that an expert, observing how the baby latches on, sucks and swallows, can help mothers make simple changes that simplify the process of nursing. Feeding your baby with your feet raised, and raising the child to your breast instead of hunching over to meet his or her mouth can prevent strain on the lower back and make the process more comfortable and enjoyable.

Also you can try to drink tea with sage and mint. This will decrease lactation. This helped me to stop breastfeednig finally. Wishing you good luck in this not easy business.