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The Secrets of Happiness for Everybody

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secrets of happiness

What is happiness? How to be happy today? How to stay happy in current life?
Many people ask these question and not many of them find the answers and stay happy.

On my mind the most important secret of happiness is that happiness is in your mind.

Money and wellness are not the reason to be happy but they can really help you to feel like this. However there are a lot of really rich people who feels unhappy. Continue reading

How to stop breastfeeding

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stop breastfeeding
The most comfortable way both for mother and baby to stop breastfeeng is to do this slowly and gradually, dropping a breast feeding or two each week until eventually you have replaced all feedings with the bottle. When you skip a feeding, your baby will be surprised by the appearance of the bottle, and your body will also be surprised by the sudden lack of demand. Your breasts may be heavy and sore, filled with milk. If the engorgement bothers you, you can pump them and store the breast milk for a bottle feeding. Don’t pump them completely dry, though, or you’ll be signalling your body for a refill. Only express enough milk to relieve the pressure, and you’ll be telling your body that you don’t need as much milk to be produced. Over time, lactation will stop naturally.
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Signs of Teething in Infants

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baby teething
There are a lot of things that baby goes through in first year of his life.
Usually babies are happy go lucky until they begin teething. There are many signs of teething and you need to be ready for them when your baby is between 3 and 12 months old.
There are some typical signs that many parents know about. These are biting, drooling, crankiness, night waking, and sensitive gums. Also it could be something like avoiding food, a rash, runny nose, and just a general overall cranky baby.
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