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Winter Games for your baby

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winter games

Winter is a happy season of snow and funny winter games. Do not stay at home even you think it is too cold today. When you run and play with your baby you won’t be cold.

First Christmas for your baby

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baby-first-Christmas-photo-contestHave you already desided how to make this Christmas special for your little angel?
Try to make this holiday fun and exciting.
All the parents want to make a special gift for their baby.

Thinking of ideas for Christmas gifts for babies can be tough. If they are born earlier on in the year maybe not so hard but what about if they are only newborns right before Christmas? Often parents and family say whatever the age they won’t give too many gifts to baby but c’mon be serious! It is after all baby’s first ever Christmas and they’ve got to be spoilt… right?

Maybe baby won’t need clothes. Not unless you want to buy them something seriously cute for their Christmas family photo opportunity. You can dress them up as baby Santas and Rudolphs till your hearts content.If you aren’t into the dressing baby up thing then maybe just a Christmas bib is enough.
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Positve Practice for Toileting Accidents

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baby toiletPositive practice involves working with the child in an intensive practice of what he or she should have done – the positive alternative – instead of having an accident. It requires the child to practice going to the toilet 10 times immediately after an accident, every time one occurs. Because positive practice is really boring and takes a lot of time and effort, children become motivated fairly quickly to avoid it. Of course, the best way for them to do that is to poop or pee in the toilet instead of their clothing. While your child will be in charge of much of this activity, you, as a parent, can make positive practice work by remembering several important points: Continue reading