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The road from nappies to a pot

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The road from nappies to a pot is a very important step in life of every child and its parents. This step means the step to adult life. Every baby do it in its own manner. Of course, parents should help the baby to find the road from nappies to a pot.

There are several things that will help you to leave nappies:

  • Tell your baby what is pot and why do you need it
  • Show what to do with a pot
  • Be patient Continue reading

What to do if baby does not sleep at night?

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baby sleepSometimes my son (he is one year and 8 months old now) wakes at the middle of the night and starts play. He talks to me and my husband laugh and jump on the bed. And no words can make him sleep. In the past that can make me very sad and I do all in my power to put the boy in the bed. But now I realized that it is all senseless. Continue reading