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Baby shower games

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baby shower games
Baby shower is a celebration of new life. When your family is full of love and happiness you what to share your joy with others. You decide to throw the baby shower. Of course you have a lot of questions: how to make baby shower fun and interesting, how to entertain your guests?
Today I want to describe several fun games for your baby shower.
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Sex during pregnancy

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Sex during pregnancy
Many pregnant women have a question “is it safe to have sex during pregnancy”?
The answer depends on your pregnancy and on your health. If you have “normal” pregnancy without any risks for your baby it is completely safe to have sex. Even more – sex brings you good emotions and this is very good to you and your baby. Continue reading

Prenatal massage can ease aches and pains

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prenatal massageBeing pregnant is natural. Being pregnant makes you look and feel radiant.

These are the ideals that history has made sure to stress during this special time in a woman’s life. However, there are also other things that aren’t so great: heartburn, constipation, muscle spasms, back pain and lack of sleep – just to name a few!

What if a mom-to-be could lessen some of these negative effects and thereby enhance the positive ones? There is a way: prenatal massage. Continue reading