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What to wear on your baby in cold weather?

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Cold weather is part of winter time. So many mothers have a question like what to wear on your baby? The best decision is to put on your child several thin jackets from natural material instead of thick sweater. As a mother you should remember that your baby should have one layer of clothing more that you have.
Also you need to know that if your baby lies or sit during the walk he will freeze more then when the baby run and play active. To check if your baby is wear correctly touch a back part of his neck. If it is warm and dry – baby clothing is good for the weather.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

Wishing joy, love and prosperity to you and your family!

10 secrets of successful breastfeeding

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Every pregnant woman is thinking about breastfeeding. Some of moms-to-be decided refuse breastfeeding (which I believe a big mistake), the others want to feed their newborns. As a mom I can share some secrets of breastfeeding that can help you.

  1. The sooner your baby will be put on your breast the better. The best way is if you can give several drops of breast milk just after baby birth. This is very important for you and your baby.
  2. Ask specialist in breast feeding to show you how to feed you baby – it is very important the baby takes your breast correctly. This will help you to avoid cracks in the nipple and problems during the lactation. Continue reading

Baby clothing – pink or blue?

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Imagine that you go to the shop and decided to buy some baby clothing.

Let me guess what colors are most probable for baby wearing. If you want to dress a girl most probably color would be pink and if you have a boy – blue will be your choice. And this is normal nowadays.

May be you would be surprised but in the past this was absolutely vise a verse. Blue was a color for girls and pink for boys. And that makes sense. I will explain why. Continue reading

Parties during your pregnancy

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You are pregnant and your friends invite you to a party?

You are in doubts whether it worth to go. Your pregnancy is not the reason to stay at home. Of course if you feel sick or not very good it would be better to stay at home. Otherwise – you can go anywhere. Of course remember about your baby.

These tips can help you if you are planning to go to the party:

Your husband will be a father

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You just have told your husband you are pregnant but he does not look very happy?

Do not panic! This does not mean he is really not happy.

First of all, your husband is shocked because he has never been father yet Do not be afraid – he will become a dad anyway. You mission in this process is to help him.

It is hard for man understand your behavior during your pregnancy because he cannot feel what you feel. Those movements inside your stomach – your baby lives in you. Let your husband put hands on your stomach and let him to listen to your baby.

It will be perfect if you choose pregnancy courses together and visit school for parents.

What about baby birth together – this all depends on your husband. You should not persuade him. Give you man time to decide whether he is ready to give birth to your child together.

Do not feed your baby just after waking up

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When your baby just woke up do not try to feed him first thing is the morning.

At first, wash your baby, clean his or her teeth and then offer your child about one third of warm water. This helps bowels to start working. After that as usual within 10-20 minutes appetite will appear.

The best meal for breakfast is boiled figure, buckwheat or oatmeal and some salad of apples, cabbage and carrot with one spoon of vegetable oil, some cottage Continue reading

Natural childbirth

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I guess every pregnant woman who is care about her health and her baby have listened a tern natural childbirth. So what natural birth is?

In several words natural baby birth is birth without any medication at all, when woman relys only on controlled breathing and relaxation techniques.

Many moms-to-be choose natural birth to avoid risk that medications can pose for the baby or mom. Doctors won’t tell you this, but pain medications can affect your labor — your blood pressure may drop, your labor may slow down or speed up, you may become nauseous, and you may feel a sense of confusion and lack of control. So you have a choice – natural childbirth.

In case you decided to opt natural baby birth you can choose a non-hospital facility such as birth center. Continue reading

How to calculate baby due date?

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How to calculate due date

How to calculate due date

When I got known I’m pregnant I tried to find out due date – the day which will be my baby’s birthday. I think this question is interesting for every mom. Let’s see how to calculate due date.

Your Pregnancy period – the happy period when you are waiting for your baby in average equals 280 days and it is calculated from the first day of your last normal menstrual period.

Pregnancy is usually lasts 40 weeks or 10 lunar months or 9 calendar months.

What about your due date? Continue reading