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Some tips how to look beautyful during your pregnancy

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maternity clothes

Many pregnant women believe they are not handsome during their pregnancy. But this is not true.
I will give you some tips how to look wonderful and charming during your pregnancy.

  • First of all the most important thing in your look is your thoughts. Strange? Not at all! If you strongly believe you are beautiful and wonderful – you are so on 90%. Only the rest 10% is actually your view.
  • In any case you should not forget you are Woman.
  • So try to wear comfortable and nice maternity wear. Continue reading

Maternity clothes

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Maternity clothes

Maternity clothes

Every pregnant women has the question about maternity clothes when her baby is growing.
So since third month of your pregnancy you will need to buy special maternity clothes.
Choosing maternity wear you should remember several rules:

  • Maternity clothes should fit you – so do not buy jeans or t-shirt if its size does not suit you
  • You must fill comfortable and nice wearing Maternity clothing
  • Continue reading

How to avoid morning sickness

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Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy. It usually starts from the 4th week pregnancy and last for several weeks.

As for me, I did not have it all.
May be because Continue reading

If your baby does not want to sleep at night

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Many parents have the problem when their baby does not want to sleep at night.

When my son was born I did not have such a problem at first – my boy slept whole night without waking up. But after several weeks he started wake up many times during the night. It was a nightmare, I had to get up many times to my baby, breast feed him and try to put him sleep into his bed but after 30 minutes everything repeated again.

You might think I was tired – No – I was almost dead because of fatigue. Then I took my son into our bed and it was fantastic! Continue reading

Breastfeed your baby or not?

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If you do not know the answer to this question, I can help you – the aswer is YES – breastfeeding is the best option for you and your baby.

There are many benefits of breastfeeding as for you as for your baby.

For your baby:

Your milk is a perfect food for your infant. It has the rightamount of protein, fat and sugar that your baby needs. Composition of the milk is changes according to the baby’s needs. Breastfed babies have higher IQ tests. Breastfeeding gives your baby comfort and make the baby calm and relaxed.

For you:
Breastfeeding helps to lose extra weight after pregnancy because it uses extra calories. Continue reading

Funny pictures of my son

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I like this funny picture of my son

Infants can dive

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Have you ever heard that infants can dive? Really, they have innate reflex to hold their breath. This reflex remains about 3 months and then it disappears. After 3 months it is much harder to teach your baby dive. So the best time to learn swimming and diving is the first months of your baby’s life. Continue reading

Trying to conceive

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This was more than two years ago… By that time I and my husband had been married about a year and we decided that it is time to have a baby.

First of all I went to a doctor to check if I am healthy enough to have a baby right now. Of course, the doctor found some women illnesses which I could not even imagine and after several months of therapy he said that we could plan pregnancy now.

I decided that the best time to conceive Continue reading

Easy and fun fat loss for mom

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It must be fun but there is no mom who does not want to lose some fat after pregnancy. On my mind this is very easy if you do not create a problem from this.

Now my son is one year old and I feel and look even better than before pregnancy. I invented really great and easy way to become and stay slim, beautiful and happy. When I have some free time I will share this method with you.

On the picture I and my son this summer on the seaside. As you can see I do not suffer from overweight. You might think that I follow some special diet or spend a lot of time is the gym but this is not true. I like tasty food and I eat not only fruits and vegetables but also bread and butter, potato, some cakes, chocolate and even pizza from time to time. Of course, I try to avoid fast food like MacDonald’s and chips. I am still a breastfeeding mother, so I try to Continue reading

Baby massage – minutes of happiness

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baby massage

Baby massage

Before start baby massage please read this careful. Listen to your heart to choose the best moment for massage – the moment when your baby is relaxed and calm. It is also should be half a an hour after eating.

Be sure that the room temperature is warm (about 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit or 22-24OC).
Put the baby on a soft surface so your child feels comfortable and secure. Warm your hands with some oil.

Basically, the massage flows from the head to the toes. With soft and gentle touches you will work on the head, face, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs.

While you massage your baby Continue reading